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Monday, February 21, 2005

She works hard for the money, so hard for the money

Hard to believe that just last night I was complaining about not having an internship. Why you ask? Well I wake up this morning to my phone vibrating, and being too tired to actually answer for fear that I might have to speak french, I let it ring. I finally drag myself out of bed hearing that I have a message to which I listen to, to find out it's the guy from For those of you who don't know, I interviewed with him about 3 weeks ago, but never really heard back (well he said he'd call back but never did) so I figured I was getting a blow off. Well as it turns out he's been in the phillipines for 2 weeks and germany for a week before that. So I return his call to which he asks me to come in and meet with his colleague today. I show up, meet with her, and well now I have my internship! It's not exactly the kind of work I want to do, but it's experience and they're paying me enough to cover my rent and my bills, which is great for France b/c they usually don't pay interns much here. I'm very excited to have that stress alleviated from my life and hopefully this means I can get my residence permit soon so I can actually be working/staying in this country legally. I don't actually start till monday, so I have time to try and get some things settled before then, like getting the paperwork and what not done (which is always a process here), so I'll have to let everyone know exactly what I'm doing and how it is next week.

In other news, I received an invitation to hear Congressman Ben Chandler (from Kentucky) speak on "foreign policy" and "how to mend U.S.-French relations". I put these two subjects in quotes because as it turned out, it was more of a "how can we better the democratic party's stance" meeting. Being a republican from Texas I found much of this quite entertaining, but was still a little annoyed at the lack of foreign policy talk that went on. Not to mention the republican bashing as well as a little texas bashing that took place, which is odd seeing as how I got invited through the University of Texas alumni association. But it was interesting and at the very least I got to mingle with a few americans. So all in all I actually had a good day all around, and I believe I owe it all to the Dr.Pepper (and Nick; he's the one that got me my first interview with gofluent), for eventhough I laughed when it claimed that it could solve all of my problems, I drank it anyway and now it seems that it actually is working. Perhaps this week I shall return to the american grocery store in search of another Dr.Pepper.


Mickey said...

Meow Mommy, Grrrreat going!!! Grrrandpa and Grrrandma spoil me alot, but I still miss you the most. I slept all day today, no phone interrrrupted my sleep!! Wish you were here, but I will wait patiently for you to return.
love, Mickey

Mom said...

Hi Kristine, Great news, now I can sleep at night!! I knew you could do it. :)

I love your web page, your picture is really great.

Your former roommie said...

Way to go on finally landing an internship! Welcome to the joys of having a job....Glad to know youre spreading some UT cheer in France. Hook Em Horns!!! yeehaw

Eric in LA said...

Congratulations! Kristine. I hope you enjoy your internship more and more. I got a good news on my internship too. I will be working in a internet marketing company in San Fernando Valley. Although it is a little bit far from where I live the job is paid and it somewhat matchs what I want to practice and learn. I am so pleased to see that finally our internship huntings turn to good results. Cheers!