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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I'm So Cool

So those of you that have known me for quite some time might remember my slight obsession/annoyance at Newscasters names. They always seem to have first names that start with the same letter as their last name and this annoys me because obviously they're fake names. Not sure why this annoys me, but it does.

Well today while watching a police chase on an LA news station I was introduced to Johnny McCool reporting from the helicopter. I'm sorry but this is ridiculous and really really annoys me. I mean come on, McCool????? How lame is he that he has to give himself the name McCool. Do you think his colleauges feel stupid saying his name? I would, I think I'd refuse to say it.

This is Delia Diamond signing out. (That one's for you Lori)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

That's So L.A.

So now that I have an hour commute to and from work I've been listening to the radio a lot more and of course morning talk shows which often revolve around Hollywood gossip. Well lately two stories have intrigued me which I feel the need to talk to you all about since I now don't have to look for a job when I get home at night.

Ok so I want to start with the death of Anna Nicole's son because that is the one that is bothering me the most. What I'm most upset about is that this is obviously a very sad time for Anna Nicole and yet immediately upon hearing of his death the press start speculating that it has something to do with drugs and an overdose. Yes I know Anna Nicole has obviously done a lot of drugs, she's screwed up, I wouldn't be surprised if the boy did do drugs, but do we really need to jump right to that conclusion and start such bad rumors flowing right after she's had to go through such a tough time. Yes it seems strange that at 20 he would just die like that but honestly he's not the first healthy young adult to have a heart attack or just die from some completely random health issue that no one would have ever realized he had. And well my first thought was that since it was stated that he had jsut gotten off the plane that perhaps he got a blood clot while on the plane which then was released and pushed through his veins to his heart, thus killing him. Now I'm no doctor obviously so perhaps this is completely correct but I'm pretty sure that's a possibility as I know that's why you're supposed to get up and move around on long flights. Anyway all I really want to say is it really annoys me that everyone went straight to the thought of drugs and didn't even explore other possibilities.

Now for my second thought on Hollywood gossip of the moment. Well it's now been reported that yesterday Britney Spears gave birth to her second child and well that's it. It's been two days shy of a year since she gave birth to her first child which seemed to be quite a piece of news. But this time it's as though no one could care, it was stated on the radio this morning almost as a second thought, just a mere mention of the fact that she gave birth to a son and then moving on to the next story. And just now while googling for an article on it, I could only find a few and even those were mixed among the ones last year of her first child's birth. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not writing this to express my dissappointment in the lack of coverage of her child, quite the contrary actually. I do not like Britney Spears and I certainly don't like all the press everyone gives her, so I'm quite happy to see that perhaps the press is finally bored of her. It just still surprises me that there wasn't more coverage, especially considering we've now seen pics of baby suri thus leaving an opening in the hollywood gossip news section.

Alright well that's it for my Hollywood gossip, perhaps I should start paying attention to more important news so I can express my concerns for something a little more important next time.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Hey There Lonely Girl

So I guess I was a little late in the game, but hey I'm not a huge YouTube fan, but I've just become obsessed with this whole lonelygirl15 stunt. I kept seeing the headlines talking about it but only started looking into it yesterday. At this point it was already obvious that it appeared to be a Marketing stunt and that "Bree" was not in fact a real girl. However, I really enjoyed watching the videos, reading the comments and conspiracies, and wondering where it was going to take us. But then sadly today it was revealed who "Bree" actually is, and the entire reality of the situation was brought to our attention. It kind of saddened me once I went and looked at her cached myspace page and saw the real "Bree". Even knowing that it was probably fake before it was still fun watching the videos and wondering and guessing where it would go. Kind of wish people hadn't gotten so curious that we actually uncovered the truth. I was really wishing it was going to be the next blair witch type marketing stunt leading us up to a horror movie. I thought that would have been genius, for once we would have developed an emotional connection to a character in a horror movie, I felt like it was going to bring a whole new level to movies that are typically just there for cheap scares. Although with such an emotional connection I guess it would have not only been a horror movie but a drama as well, and maybe too emotional, hmmm. Anyway, I thought the whole idea of it leading to a movie was genius and was thrilled to see the new marketing techniques coming to play. But alas, no movie, just some wannabe film makers and actors. But hey good for them, they certainly got all of our attention and I'd guess they all have quite a future now. Although come to think of it, nothing ever did happen with the Blair Witch actors did it?

Well if you've completely missed out on it all, you can find the videos on YouTube you can also read all about the conspiracies and anything else you want to know about it at Wikipedia(pretty impressive that she got so much coverage in wikipedia) and to read how it was all uncovered you can check out this article from today.

They say they'll continue with her story, but I'm not so sure I'm that interested anymore now that my curiosity has been quelled but I will be curious to see how others react.

Monday, September 11, 2006

So This Is The Real World

Well today was my official first day at my new job and as I sat there this morning filling out my tax forms I realized this would actually be the first time I'm having to pay taxes (sort of) and that I'm actually going to have to file come this spring. This of course then makes me realize that I've officially entered the real world and while I'm happy to finally be working and contributing to society it's kind of odd to think that I've just taken the first step into what will be the next stage of my life, where I'm no longer a student but a working adult. And well honestly it kind of frightens me when I think of how long this stage is going to last (well hopefully it lasts a long time). No more summer vacations (although those were gone last year)and classes three days a week, but work Monday thru Friday for the next 40-50 years. I guess there's still the excitement of where my career will take me, I do look forward to that, but my restless side gets uncomfortable thinking that I'll be working for the rest of my life basically but I guess that's not even necessarily true so I shouldn't really think about it but it still creeps in from time to time. I think what most saddens me is the thought that my vacation opportunities are now very limited and well we all know how much I like my traveling and don't like to have those opportunities limited.

So my hope now is to one day be able to take a year off and travel around, perhaps choose a continent to explore, perhaps do a couple of different continents, not sure yet, but I've heard of people doing it so I figure if they can certainly I can too. So the first step is to get my loans paid off then to save enough and make a plan for a years worth of travel, perhaps that would help satisfy my travel bug, although I doubt it would for the long haul.

Well for now I guess I'll concentrate on my current situation and focus on starting my career. Who knows where it'll lead me...