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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Hey There Lonely Girl

So I guess I was a little late in the game, but hey I'm not a huge YouTube fan, but I've just become obsessed with this whole lonelygirl15 stunt. I kept seeing the headlines talking about it but only started looking into it yesterday. At this point it was already obvious that it appeared to be a Marketing stunt and that "Bree" was not in fact a real girl. However, I really enjoyed watching the videos, reading the comments and conspiracies, and wondering where it was going to take us. But then sadly today it was revealed who "Bree" actually is, and the entire reality of the situation was brought to our attention. It kind of saddened me once I went and looked at her cached myspace page and saw the real "Bree". Even knowing that it was probably fake before it was still fun watching the videos and wondering and guessing where it would go. Kind of wish people hadn't gotten so curious that we actually uncovered the truth. I was really wishing it was going to be the next blair witch type marketing stunt leading us up to a horror movie. I thought that would have been genius, for once we would have developed an emotional connection to a character in a horror movie, I felt like it was going to bring a whole new level to movies that are typically just there for cheap scares. Although with such an emotional connection I guess it would have not only been a horror movie but a drama as well, and maybe too emotional, hmmm. Anyway, I thought the whole idea of it leading to a movie was genius and was thrilled to see the new marketing techniques coming to play. But alas, no movie, just some wannabe film makers and actors. But hey good for them, they certainly got all of our attention and I'd guess they all have quite a future now. Although come to think of it, nothing ever did happen with the Blair Witch actors did it?

Well if you've completely missed out on it all, you can find the videos on YouTube you can also read all about the conspiracies and anything else you want to know about it at Wikipedia(pretty impressive that she got so much coverage in wikipedia) and to read how it was all uncovered you can check out this article from today.

They say they'll continue with her story, but I'm not so sure I'm that interested anymore now that my curiosity has been quelled but I will be curious to see how others react.

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