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Monday, August 07, 2006

Movie Discussions And Much More!

So a while back I added a Forum to my website, which I'm quite proud of myself for having figured it out, where you can read about the movies I've seen recently, what I'm listening to, reading, or just leave general comments. I had hoped this would make my website a little more interactive and had hoped to get some discussions going but so far no one has been participating and it seems no one has been reading it either. So I just wanted to announce it here that the forum is there on my website and so far I have a few reviews of the movies I've seen lately and a few other posts up there. Please feel free to comment on what I've already written, or add your own topic. Don't be shy people!

Mel Gibson Did What?

So is anyone else as tired as I am of hearing about Mel Gibson's crazy night out without his wife and his drunk drive home? Does this really need to be covered in such depth? And my question is why do they keep talking to the other people he was with in the bar and keep questioning why he was out without his wife. I'd think it's ok to go out from time to time without your significant other, I didn't know getting married meant you had to be together 24/7 and were no longer allowed to venture out alone. What are these other people from the bar even really contributing to the story, we get it, he was at a bar drinking, tried to drive home drunk, end of story. It drives me crazy that they continue to make such a big deal out of it, hearing about it over and over isn't really going to help, we know he did it, it was wrong, move on!