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Friday, November 24, 2006

Just Wanted To Share

Alright I guess I have more to talk about than I realized.

I just came across this Article that made me sad and thought I'd share. It seems that now almost two years later 513 bodies from the 2004 Tsunami are going to be buried now. 103 of the bodies have been identified but no one has come to claim the remains and the rest have still yet to be identified. I just think it's so sad that no one has come to claim or identify these bodies. I mean I imagine that for many of these perhaps the whole family was killed in the Tsunami, yet it seems that there should still be somone out there coming to claim the bodies.

How sad that these bodies have just been sitting in there for almost two years and now will go with no one to claim them.

Texas Fight?

It's been 6 years since A&M has beat UT and at this point I don't even consider them competition, yet A&M managed to finally break that losing streak this year and take a win. I'm not sure what hurt more, the fact that a team who is barely considered competition beat us, the fact that it was done on our own turf, or the fact that it comes the year after we won the National Championship. I guess it was just a combination of it all, but I'd say the fact that it was A&M who has taken us away from our bowl game is what really hurt the most. Not just because their our big rival but because they haven't been a good team in years and for the past 6 years have been considered an easy/guaranteed win for us. Perhaps it was this confidence that played a part in our loss this year.

Whatever it may be I have to say I'm a little embarrased to be a longhorn at this point and hate that this is how our year after the championship had to play out. I still love my Texas football, I just hope the boys get it together and start playing like the team I've known them to be.

Stalking The Celebrities

So Wednesday night I went to Spagos for dinner with my dad, stepmom, and sister and who did we see there??? Well first we saw Regis Philban eating dinner with his family a few tables over and then a little while later towards the end of our meal they sat Al Gore and his family down at the table next to us. I typically don't get that excited to see celebrities, but always think it's a little cool to see them and these two were especially fun to see. Later that night I went out in Hollywood to a party for Cindy Margolis, since she'll be gracing the cover of the next playboy magazine, and well got to see her too and even take a picture with her. She's absolutely beautiful in pictures but for some reason didn't seem that pretty in person, yet at looking at the pic of her and me she looks beautiful. Kind of strange that a camera does such wonders for her.

Well just thought I'd share since it's been a while since I've written anything on here and I don't have much else to talk about right now.

Be sure to check out my new blog on my marathon training which you can link to on the right hand side of this blog! Also don't forget to check out my forum from time to time. I've just updated some more in the movie section and hope to do more updating soon. I've also finallly just signed up for netflix so hopefully I'll be adding more to the movie section in the near future.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Track Star is Back!

Ok so I've finally decided to run in my first marathon! I've decided to join Team in Training and so I will be training with them and raising funds for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as well. I've decided to do the Napa Valley Marathon on March 7, 2007 and am very excited. I haven't started my trainig yet but I'll be sure to keep everyone up to date as I do.

If you feel you are able to contribute then please visit my training site at:

Thanks everyone!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Those Places I Remember

So I think it's strange the things that can bring back memories, such as a song, a smell, a certain sound, etc.

Lately music has been doing that a lot for me. I guess because I spent so much time wandering around Paris alone with my ipod a lot of my memories from that time are tied to the music I was listening too, which was often the same couple of songs or bands. Besides just the fact that a song can bring back a memory, it amazes me how strong these memories are. They actually make me feel like I'm right back there sitting on the metro or walking through the sunday market or the Tuileries. These memories are so strong that it make me miss Paris so much, so much that it actually hurts sometimes. Then from this I start questioning why I actually left Paris, I know I had my reasons and I still remember those reasons and know they probably were best, but I still can't help but regret my decision sometimes. I do look back on these memories fondly and am very thankful for my time spent there but I just never realized how much it would hurt looking back on the memories and how much I'd actually miss it. It just amazes me how much I can miss and feel attached to a place that I only spent 1 1/2 years of my life at, especially considering I was such a stranger there. I think what I might miss the most is the anonymity a city like Paris gives; the ability to go on about your life on your own with no one else to worry about or question what you're doing with your life. I sort of felt withdrawn from the world and yet completely immersed in it at the same time. It was easy to ignore the news, the t.v and its latest shows, music, pop culture, and even what my friends and family were up to back home, yet while igorning all of this and withdrawing myself from the world happenings I was out meeting new people from all over the world, traveling around to different countries, cities or regions, taking in new cultures and experiencing what the world really had to offer. And I loved every minute of it, it didn't matter that I didn't know what had happened on the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy or what the hot new band/song was, I was out enjoying my life the way I wanted to and seeing new parts of the world and experiencing new cultures, or perhaps it was simply going to a new museum to discover that maybe I do like certain types of art. But then despite all of this, I come back to the U.S. and within a few months I've fallen right back into my old ways, no more museums, no more exploring the city, barely any new aquaintances different from me, right back to watching the hot new shows, checking out the latest music, and overall being a bum. I can't help but wonder why I fall right back into a routine I didn't want to be in once I return to the U.S. and why I can't find that same feeling of anonymity here in the U.S. Was it simply the language and cultural barriers that were there in France or was the environment more inviting to that type of lifestyle in Paris or is it something else? Is it possible it's just ingrained in me that much that I turn right back into my old self upon my return to the U.S. despite how much I felt I changed while abroad, although I still do notice some changes still in place.

I guess I'm not sure where I'm going with this post, it seems to be a giant ramble at this point, but hey that's what I do, I'm a rambler. Basically I'm missing France and am very torn between my life here and my life there.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I'm So Cool

So those of you that have known me for quite some time might remember my slight obsession/annoyance at Newscasters names. They always seem to have first names that start with the same letter as their last name and this annoys me because obviously they're fake names. Not sure why this annoys me, but it does.

Well today while watching a police chase on an LA news station I was introduced to Johnny McCool reporting from the helicopter. I'm sorry but this is ridiculous and really really annoys me. I mean come on, McCool????? How lame is he that he has to give himself the name McCool. Do you think his colleauges feel stupid saying his name? I would, I think I'd refuse to say it.

This is Delia Diamond signing out. (That one's for you Lori)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

That's So L.A.

So now that I have an hour commute to and from work I've been listening to the radio a lot more and of course morning talk shows which often revolve around Hollywood gossip. Well lately two stories have intrigued me which I feel the need to talk to you all about since I now don't have to look for a job when I get home at night.

Ok so I want to start with the death of Anna Nicole's son because that is the one that is bothering me the most. What I'm most upset about is that this is obviously a very sad time for Anna Nicole and yet immediately upon hearing of his death the press start speculating that it has something to do with drugs and an overdose. Yes I know Anna Nicole has obviously done a lot of drugs, she's screwed up, I wouldn't be surprised if the boy did do drugs, but do we really need to jump right to that conclusion and start such bad rumors flowing right after she's had to go through such a tough time. Yes it seems strange that at 20 he would just die like that but honestly he's not the first healthy young adult to have a heart attack or just die from some completely random health issue that no one would have ever realized he had. And well my first thought was that since it was stated that he had jsut gotten off the plane that perhaps he got a blood clot while on the plane which then was released and pushed through his veins to his heart, thus killing him. Now I'm no doctor obviously so perhaps this is completely correct but I'm pretty sure that's a possibility as I know that's why you're supposed to get up and move around on long flights. Anyway all I really want to say is it really annoys me that everyone went straight to the thought of drugs and didn't even explore other possibilities.

Now for my second thought on Hollywood gossip of the moment. Well it's now been reported that yesterday Britney Spears gave birth to her second child and well that's it. It's been two days shy of a year since she gave birth to her first child which seemed to be quite a piece of news. But this time it's as though no one could care, it was stated on the radio this morning almost as a second thought, just a mere mention of the fact that she gave birth to a son and then moving on to the next story. And just now while googling for an article on it, I could only find a few and even those were mixed among the ones last year of her first child's birth. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not writing this to express my dissappointment in the lack of coverage of her child, quite the contrary actually. I do not like Britney Spears and I certainly don't like all the press everyone gives her, so I'm quite happy to see that perhaps the press is finally bored of her. It just still surprises me that there wasn't more coverage, especially considering we've now seen pics of baby suri thus leaving an opening in the hollywood gossip news section.

Alright well that's it for my Hollywood gossip, perhaps I should start paying attention to more important news so I can express my concerns for something a little more important next time.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Hey There Lonely Girl

So I guess I was a little late in the game, but hey I'm not a huge YouTube fan, but I've just become obsessed with this whole lonelygirl15 stunt. I kept seeing the headlines talking about it but only started looking into it yesterday. At this point it was already obvious that it appeared to be a Marketing stunt and that "Bree" was not in fact a real girl. However, I really enjoyed watching the videos, reading the comments and conspiracies, and wondering where it was going to take us. But then sadly today it was revealed who "Bree" actually is, and the entire reality of the situation was brought to our attention. It kind of saddened me once I went and looked at her cached myspace page and saw the real "Bree". Even knowing that it was probably fake before it was still fun watching the videos and wondering and guessing where it would go. Kind of wish people hadn't gotten so curious that we actually uncovered the truth. I was really wishing it was going to be the next blair witch type marketing stunt leading us up to a horror movie. I thought that would have been genius, for once we would have developed an emotional connection to a character in a horror movie, I felt like it was going to bring a whole new level to movies that are typically just there for cheap scares. Although with such an emotional connection I guess it would have not only been a horror movie but a drama as well, and maybe too emotional, hmmm. Anyway, I thought the whole idea of it leading to a movie was genius and was thrilled to see the new marketing techniques coming to play. But alas, no movie, just some wannabe film makers and actors. But hey good for them, they certainly got all of our attention and I'd guess they all have quite a future now. Although come to think of it, nothing ever did happen with the Blair Witch actors did it?

Well if you've completely missed out on it all, you can find the videos on YouTube you can also read all about the conspiracies and anything else you want to know about it at Wikipedia(pretty impressive that she got so much coverage in wikipedia) and to read how it was all uncovered you can check out this article from today.

They say they'll continue with her story, but I'm not so sure I'm that interested anymore now that my curiosity has been quelled but I will be curious to see how others react.

Monday, September 11, 2006

So This Is The Real World

Well today was my official first day at my new job and as I sat there this morning filling out my tax forms I realized this would actually be the first time I'm having to pay taxes (sort of) and that I'm actually going to have to file come this spring. This of course then makes me realize that I've officially entered the real world and while I'm happy to finally be working and contributing to society it's kind of odd to think that I've just taken the first step into what will be the next stage of my life, where I'm no longer a student but a working adult. And well honestly it kind of frightens me when I think of how long this stage is going to last (well hopefully it lasts a long time). No more summer vacations (although those were gone last year)and classes three days a week, but work Monday thru Friday for the next 40-50 years. I guess there's still the excitement of where my career will take me, I do look forward to that, but my restless side gets uncomfortable thinking that I'll be working for the rest of my life basically but I guess that's not even necessarily true so I shouldn't really think about it but it still creeps in from time to time. I think what most saddens me is the thought that my vacation opportunities are now very limited and well we all know how much I like my traveling and don't like to have those opportunities limited.

So my hope now is to one day be able to take a year off and travel around, perhaps choose a continent to explore, perhaps do a couple of different continents, not sure yet, but I've heard of people doing it so I figure if they can certainly I can too. So the first step is to get my loans paid off then to save enough and make a plan for a years worth of travel, perhaps that would help satisfy my travel bug, although I doubt it would for the long haul.

Well for now I guess I'll concentrate on my current situation and focus on starting my career. Who knows where it'll lead me...

Monday, August 07, 2006

Movie Discussions And Much More!

So a while back I added a Forum to my website, which I'm quite proud of myself for having figured it out, where you can read about the movies I've seen recently, what I'm listening to, reading, or just leave general comments. I had hoped this would make my website a little more interactive and had hoped to get some discussions going but so far no one has been participating and it seems no one has been reading it either. So I just wanted to announce it here that the forum is there on my website and so far I have a few reviews of the movies I've seen lately and a few other posts up there. Please feel free to comment on what I've already written, or add your own topic. Don't be shy people!

Mel Gibson Did What?

So is anyone else as tired as I am of hearing about Mel Gibson's crazy night out without his wife and his drunk drive home? Does this really need to be covered in such depth? And my question is why do they keep talking to the other people he was with in the bar and keep questioning why he was out without his wife. I'd think it's ok to go out from time to time without your significant other, I didn't know getting married meant you had to be together 24/7 and were no longer allowed to venture out alone. What are these other people from the bar even really contributing to the story, we get it, he was at a bar drinking, tried to drive home drunk, end of story. It drives me crazy that they continue to make such a big deal out of it, hearing about it over and over isn't really going to help, we know he did it, it was wrong, move on!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Taking A Break In Barbados

So back in May I was able to tag along on a trip to Barbados with my family for a week. It was a very welcomed and much needed break, however, it was just a little too short. We've all been to Barbados before, this was actually my 5th time there, so we weren't too interested in sight seeing but were just all about relaxing on the beach and drinking rum punch and daqueries.

We did however take a trip over to a place where they make local handmade pottery, and then we carried on to the East coast for lunch. On this drive I was able to finally try driving on the left side of the road since they drive on the left side down there since they are a former British colony. It was a little awkward at first because the roads are very small there and I felt like I didn't have a sense of the left side of the car the way you have a sense of the right side of your car here. So it was hard for me to judge where that side of the car was and if I was going to run off the road or not. However, I made it to the restaurant without any problems and even took us almost all the way back home.

On another day Diane and I took a catamaran ride out to a spot where we were able to swim with sea turtles. This was my favorite part of this trip since it was the first time I'd seen sea turtles and we were even able to go down and touch them. In addition to the sea turtles I was excited that I for once actually snorkled like a real person instead of going Kristine style with a mat. Not that I can't swim or have any trouble, it's just my fear of fish and that whole unknown part of the ocean that makes me very uncomfortable and so for some reason the mat makes me much more comfortable. However, I for once jumped in the water with the sea turtle sans mat and wasn't even that concerned. We then later moved onto a shipwreck spot and they baited the fish and the water was swarming with fish. I decided I definitely couldn't get in, but after several minutes of debating and realizing I didn't want to miss out yet again, I finally got up the courage to get in without a mat. I managed to go see some of the shipwreck, however, there were just too many fish in the water and I was just way too scared, but I did stay in until they had us all get out of the water. All in all it was a fun trip on the catamaran.

When we took the catamaran to see the sea turtles we realized that the location for the turtles was actually just down the beach from us right off the beach. So the next day we walked down to the same spot and went snorkling with the sea turtles again. We then just snorkled back home and saw some great things along the way. Throughout the whole trip we saw an enormous manaray, sea turtles, an octopus, eels, puffer fishs, little cuddle fish, and lots of other interesting fish. The enormous manaray was the most amazing as I've never been in the water with something so large. Unfortunatly I freaked out too much and wasn't able to get a photo before I scared him off due to my flailing about in the water.

We were there for a week and had lots of fun ; it was a much needed escape. However, it was still too short for me and I wasn't quite ready to come home. But unfortunatly I didn't have a say in it and I had to come home and deal with everything back here again. I can only hope that I'll be able to get back again or at least somewhere else in the Carribean fairly soon. So for all of those who are interested you can check out the photos on my website under the Barbados section. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Pictures From The Strawberry Festival

Diane and me enjoying a nice day at the Strawberry festival in Oxnard

Hanging out at the strawberry festival enjoying my strawberry beer while watching a strawberry pie throwing contest.

Outside the Berry Go Round with my strawberry lemonade

Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Da Vinci Code

So just before leaving for Barbados I went and saw the Da Vinci Code. I found it to be a pretty good movie and thought they did a great job at sticking to the book. I don't think it'll be much of a classic but I think it had a tough job of living up to the hype of the book and I thought it did a good job of living up to the hype as much as could be expected. I was very pleased at seeing Audrey Tautou in an English speaking role as I've always thought she was just adorable and I look forward to seeing her in more American films.

I do have to express my disgust with the people in the theater or should I say morons in the theater who decided to clap after Teabag had his line "never trust the French". It's not that I want to defend the French, it just drives me crazy that people clapped for something like that because I bet they have no basis at all for supporting a line like that. They just do it because it bashes the French and they're morons.

Anyway, if anyone else has seen the movie do share your comments on it as I haven't been able to hear anyone elses opinions with the exception of a few.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Second Happiest Place On Earth

So in celebration of my birthday Diane and I went out to Disneyland for a magical day of fun. Unfortunatly, it was raining most of the day. However, we didn't let it get us down. We simply overpaid for a cheap pancho with a picture of Mickey Mouse on it and went about enjoying our day.

That day we bought season passes for ourselves which would allow us to visit both California Adventures and Disneyland on select days. So a few weeks later we decided to take advantage of our season passes and head back out to Disneyland.

Thankfully this time it was rain free and much emptier thus allowing us to stroll the park more and take in some of the newer attractions we hadn't seen before.

Both days were a great time and I can't wait to go back again. Oh and I finally got to ride the new updated version of space mountain they have there. I have to say it was a fantastic ride, good job Disney!

Here are some pics to document the two days:

Rain rain go away!

Spin it faster!

Just hanging out with my best buddy Mickey.

Disneyland is finishing up celebrating its 50th Anniversary, we were lucky enough to be able to celebrate with them.

Alright, $3.27!

So today I made the trip up to the Strawberry Festival in Oxnard (I'll post some pics later) and on the way noticed a gas station selling regular gas for $3.27 and got very excited considering in my area it's now $3.45.

So I made an extra effort to stop and get me some of that "cheap" gas. How sad that I'm now excited to have the chance to pay $3.27 for gas. It was only a few weeks ago that I was devestated that it surpassed the $3.00 mark and now I'm happy for $3.27.

I still remember paying $0.89 a gallon back in High school and filling up for $10. I miss those days.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Heading South

Again I apologize for my infrequent and delayed posts; I'm trying to catch up and be more frequent, I just seem a little lazy about it.

Anyway, so on April 21 Diane and I went down to Redondo Beach (south of LAX) for a crawfish boil with the Texas exes. Not being one to eat or want to eat crawfish, or jambalaya, I was stuck eating two nasty hotdogs. So in order to get some of my money's worth I partook in the keg of shiner. However, even a keg of shiner wasn't enough to salvage the event which turned out to be rather boring. Basically we just sat around and ate, then watched the raffel and of course they were playing our moment of glory dvd from the Rose Bowl, which seems to be a common fixture at all of the Texas exes events out here.

We decided to leave the event a little early as there didn't seem to be any hope of it turning around. On our way out of the parking lot I noticed the Redondo beach pier, having always had a fondness for piers and having never been to Redondo beach I decided perhaps we could salvage the day by visiting the pier and making our drive down there worth it.

At first it was mostly your typical touristy souvenir shops, but then at the base of the pier we came across a type of large indoor arcade. Naturally we went inside to see what it was all about. We quickly started finding random tickets that people had either dropped or forgotten to take from the machines. It then became a type of game for us to walk around and see what tickets we could find. Then we came across the skeeball games and decided to partake in those as well as a game of air hockey. With the tickets gained from the games and from the ones we found I was lucky enough to trade them in for a brand new red Redondo beach key chain! Diane got herself a shiny new picture frame with her tickets and a little charm (she didn't have enough tickets for her picture frame).

After all this excitement we realized we still needed to see the rest of the pier. We walked out on the pier, stopped and played a few minutes in a hat shop, took some pictures with the ocean behind us and finally decided to call it a day.

All in all I'd say the day was salvaged, although Redondo beach was pretty unimpressive and I have no intention of returning, and I've come to the conclusion that the Texas exes chapter out here is pretty boring. But hey I gave it a try and at least now I can say I've been to Redondo beach.

Here are some pictures to document our fun at the pier:

Enjoying the lovely view

Who's that girl?

Hello Ms. Daisy

Hello there

Yee Haw!

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Swing Batter Batter!

Alright so yes it has been a very long time since my last update, despite my desires to update more frequently in order to keep you all up to date on every exciting detail of my life. Well nothing too extremely exciting has been going on but I have been up to a few things so I'll try and start posting them in the coming days.

First up, I went to my first Dodgers game on April 19. It was a Dodgers-Cubs game, and as I went with my friend Sanjiv I naturally rooted for the Cubs.

A fun tidbit about the game passed on to me by Sanjiv is that the Dodgers and Cubs had played eachother 2,006 times before our game and the Dodgers had won 1,003 times and the Cubs had won 1,003 times, thus making our game not only the 2,007th game but the tie breaker as well! Very exciting I think. And to make it even better, the Cubs won! Below are a few pics to document the event.

Mmmm, our first Dodger dogs!

Dodger field as seen from our seats. Pretty good seats considering the price was right.

I paid how much for that beer????

Monday, March 13, 2006

For A Boring Time Go See The Libertine

So this weekend I went to see The Libertine with Johnny Depp and am still bothered by how bad this movie is. I'm still trying to figure out the purpose of the movie and why anyone ever thought to make it. It couldn't have been for entertainment purposes because it was an extremely boring movie with little to no action. I thought maybe it would be a powerful and moving history lesson yet I feel it was neither powerful nor moving but was simply a small history lesson of a story I think we're all just fine never really knowing.

So the moral of this blog is don't go see The Libetine, even if you're an enormous Johnny Depp fan you're more than likely going to be disappointed.

If you have seen the movie please don't hesitate to tell me what you thought of the movie, perhaps you found a meaning to the movie you could share.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Bringing Home The Bacon

Well today I started my part time job to pull in some money while continuing my search for a full time job. I'm working on website marketing for an advertising agency in Malibu. Basically this means I'm optimizing our clients websites so that they come up first when doing a yahoo or google search. Nothing too exciting yet but it's only been one day and I'm still learning. Seems like there will be opportunities to do more work but we'll see. It's basically my boss, the founder of the company, and one other girl running the company so it's small and very laid back. We share the office, which is very very tiny, with Malibu Magazine so I'm getting to hear all about that business as well which has already proved to be entertaining. My boss says there is potiental for this to turn into a full time position but I don't know what all that would emcompass or if he could afford me so in the meantime I'm going to continue my search.

Anyway that's what will now be occupying my time, giving me a little extra money, and experience. Besides that not much going on in my life right now. Trying to get back into keeping up with the blog and hopefully will be adding some more pictures to the website soon so keep checking back.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Great Race!

Well early this morning I ran my first 10k and actually completed it! It was right here in the neighborhood and was the Great Race of Agoura. Apparently it has been voted one of the top 6 best 10ks in the nation. It was set back around the neighborhood but the majority was spent back in the horse farm area of Agoura just alongside the mountains. So it was a very lovely and peaceful run.

For those of you who are wondering, my official time was 1 hour 13 minutes and 8 seconds. Didn't do that great in the overall picture but I'm pretty happy with myself considering it was my first time and I hadn't run in over a month.

I was a little scared going into it knowing I had never run that long of a distance before but wanted to see what I could do. Turns out it wasn't as hard as I thought it would have been and now I can't wait to do another one. Just need to let the knee heal some before I tear it up again.

Friday, February 17, 2006

The Lost Files

So some of you may remember my heartbreak back over the summer when my hard drive crashed and I had the nutty, but very nice, French computer guy tell me that there was no way to retrive my files. I was determined to never give up on retriving those files since I had some very sentimental photos and other various important files on there. I asked anyone I could think of whether or not they'd be able to fix my hard drive and alas Rogge came to my rescue yet again. He drove out to LA with me and while out here gave my hard drive a look with an external enclosure. Turns out he was able to view my hard drive, however it was covered in virsues. So he did three virus scans, found tons of viruses, cleaned it up and came with me to buy an external enclosure of my own. And I am now happy to say that I am now able to view all of my old files once again!

I came across an old video I had made out of photos which I had intended to post on my website but failed to do before the crash. So I'm now proud to say that it is finally on the webiste under the video section. I hope you all enjoy it!

In other news, I'm still unemployed, not much progress on the job front, it's great being back in cali and seeing everyone, Mickey isn't that happy with the move but he'll get over it, Diane is doing well and we're having a good time together. And for those of you who were wondering, I do plan on continuing with the blog and website, I've just been pretty lazy about actually doing it lately. I'll try to get better though so don't forget to check back every once and a while!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Back In The Land Of TexMex And Dr. Pepper

Per the request of a few of y'all here is an update on my blog. I apologize that since coming home I have neglected keeping you all informed of my rampages.

So I've been home for three weeks now and surprisingly haven't had that much culture shock. True there have been a lot of developments in Houston and many areas look a lot different but other than that nothing seems to have changed. I've meet up with most of my friends and despite having limited communication with them for a whole year within minutes we were right back where we were before I left.

Since being home I've overindulged in Texmex which has now caused me to head back to the gym. I've attempted to look for jobs but tend to prefer being a bum instead. I've traveled quite a bit over the state and have more still to come. And I've also done tons of shopping and have been spending a lot of time at the spa getting pampered. I know it's a rough life I lead these days. I sometimes think I could get used to being unemployed, just need to have a rich husband to provide me with my income to support my spa and shopping habits. Hmmm maybe I should switch the job search over to a rich husband search.

A few things I've noticed since being home are that Americans really are fat and loud.

Well this weekend I'm heading off to my dad and stepmom's lake house and then it's off to Austin for the weekend so I'll try to come back next week with a few good entries.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Au Revoir France

Well today is to be my last day in France as bright and early tomorrow morning I will be boarding my flight that will take me directly back home to good ole Houston, Texas.

This marks the end of my 16 month adventure here in France. I've had a wonderful time despite the numerous bumps along the way. And despite how much I say the French drive me crazy I truely am going to miss them since it's this craziness of theirs that keeps my days interesting.

So tomorrow I return to the U.S. and the repatriation will begin. How bad will the reverse culture shock be and what will I do without the excitement of the crazy French in my day?

Well for now I leave you all and when I return I will be back in the States. So to everyone I can finally say, See ya soon!