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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Taking A Break In Barbados

So back in May I was able to tag along on a trip to Barbados with my family for a week. It was a very welcomed and much needed break, however, it was just a little too short. We've all been to Barbados before, this was actually my 5th time there, so we weren't too interested in sight seeing but were just all about relaxing on the beach and drinking rum punch and daqueries.

We did however take a trip over to a place where they make local handmade pottery, and then we carried on to the East coast for lunch. On this drive I was able to finally try driving on the left side of the road since they drive on the left side down there since they are a former British colony. It was a little awkward at first because the roads are very small there and I felt like I didn't have a sense of the left side of the car the way you have a sense of the right side of your car here. So it was hard for me to judge where that side of the car was and if I was going to run off the road or not. However, I made it to the restaurant without any problems and even took us almost all the way back home.

On another day Diane and I took a catamaran ride out to a spot where we were able to swim with sea turtles. This was my favorite part of this trip since it was the first time I'd seen sea turtles and we were even able to go down and touch them. In addition to the sea turtles I was excited that I for once actually snorkled like a real person instead of going Kristine style with a mat. Not that I can't swim or have any trouble, it's just my fear of fish and that whole unknown part of the ocean that makes me very uncomfortable and so for some reason the mat makes me much more comfortable. However, I for once jumped in the water with the sea turtle sans mat and wasn't even that concerned. We then later moved onto a shipwreck spot and they baited the fish and the water was swarming with fish. I decided I definitely couldn't get in, but after several minutes of debating and realizing I didn't want to miss out yet again, I finally got up the courage to get in without a mat. I managed to go see some of the shipwreck, however, there were just too many fish in the water and I was just way too scared, but I did stay in until they had us all get out of the water. All in all it was a fun trip on the catamaran.

When we took the catamaran to see the sea turtles we realized that the location for the turtles was actually just down the beach from us right off the beach. So the next day we walked down to the same spot and went snorkling with the sea turtles again. We then just snorkled back home and saw some great things along the way. Throughout the whole trip we saw an enormous manaray, sea turtles, an octopus, eels, puffer fishs, little cuddle fish, and lots of other interesting fish. The enormous manaray was the most amazing as I've never been in the water with something so large. Unfortunatly I freaked out too much and wasn't able to get a photo before I scared him off due to my flailing about in the water.

We were there for a week and had lots of fun ; it was a much needed escape. However, it was still too short for me and I wasn't quite ready to come home. But unfortunatly I didn't have a say in it and I had to come home and deal with everything back here again. I can only hope that I'll be able to get back again or at least somewhere else in the Carribean fairly soon. So for all of those who are interested you can check out the photos on my website under the Barbados section. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Actually, they are cuttlefish. Glad you enjoyed it as we did also. The last time we had to relax.


Mom said...

Actually I thought they were cuddle fish also. But I think that the ray you saw might have been a Manta Ray. Will wait for another comment to confirm.

We had a great time also, made more great because you were there, not slaving away in CA.

Love you,

Kristine said...

Geez what's with the grammar police?

Mom said...

Not Grammer, spelling.

Kristine said...

Don't you mean grammar, not grammer? Oh the student becomes the teacher.

Mom said...

Good One!!

Twice in two days!!! I think the baton has passed. Ask Diane if you don't know what I am talking about.