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Monday, January 02, 2006

Au Revoir France

Well today is to be my last day in France as bright and early tomorrow morning I will be boarding my flight that will take me directly back home to good ole Houston, Texas.

This marks the end of my 16 month adventure here in France. I've had a wonderful time despite the numerous bumps along the way. And despite how much I say the French drive me crazy I truely am going to miss them since it's this craziness of theirs that keeps my days interesting.

So tomorrow I return to the U.S. and the repatriation will begin. How bad will the reverse culture shock be and what will I do without the excitement of the crazy French in my day?

Well for now I leave you all and when I return I will be back in the States. So to everyone I can finally say, See ya soon!

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Anonymous said...

Welcome home K-girl .

From: Dad and Geneva