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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Back In The Land Of TexMex And Dr. Pepper

Per the request of a few of y'all here is an update on my blog. I apologize that since coming home I have neglected keeping you all informed of my rampages.

So I've been home for three weeks now and surprisingly haven't had that much culture shock. True there have been a lot of developments in Houston and many areas look a lot different but other than that nothing seems to have changed. I've meet up with most of my friends and despite having limited communication with them for a whole year within minutes we were right back where we were before I left.

Since being home I've overindulged in Texmex which has now caused me to head back to the gym. I've attempted to look for jobs but tend to prefer being a bum instead. I've traveled quite a bit over the state and have more still to come. And I've also done tons of shopping and have been spending a lot of time at the spa getting pampered. I know it's a rough life I lead these days. I sometimes think I could get used to being unemployed, just need to have a rich husband to provide me with my income to support my spa and shopping habits. Hmmm maybe I should switch the job search over to a rich husband search.

A few things I've noticed since being home are that Americans really are fat and loud.

Well this weekend I'm heading off to my dad and stepmom's lake house and then it's off to Austin for the weekend so I'll try to come back next week with a few good entries.

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Sanjiv Gajiwala said...

The french are getting to be just as fat....