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Sunday, March 06, 2005

My first week in the real world

So I’ve finally started my internship and have successfully completed my first week. The work isn’t that exciting and I’m not so sure I’m learning that much which is kind of disappointing. However, I really enjoy the people I work with and the environment is cool and there are only about 14 or less people in the office. Everyone is really laid back and no one is too rigid about the rules. The whole area is open too and they all chat all day long so I get to listen to them chatting away in French which I think is going to be great for my listening comprehension. I’m still too scared to talk too much but I try to speak a little more every day. Thursday we had some people from the Italian office in so we had a party that night. That was really a lot of fun as I finally got to meet more of the people I work with and spoke a lot in French and had the opportunity to really chat with everyone. And of course there was tons of Champagne so that is always a treat for Kristine. So for those of you who are wondering what exactly I do, here is my attempt to explain. Basically my company teaches English to employees at companies. So the company creates an account and its employees sign up. Then before they start their lessons they take a preliminary test in order to assign them a level so as to assess what their type of English training will be. So then the professors grade their exams then I get their results and look over their ranking and what the professors assigned them and what they wrote and I make it look good and make sure the levels are correct. I then enter the levels into their database and send off the results to the clients. So really it’s not very exciting work and can be very redundant. But I do enjoy looking through the results of all the exams. It’s fun to see what they wrote and what all they missed. However, I’m hoping at some point I can get more responsibilities and actually learn a little more about business. Well that’s about it as far as how my first week went and what I do.

In other news, I have purchased train tickets to go to Berlin over Easter weekend! I then purchased a plane ticket to fly into Budapest the first weekend of May and a ticket to fly out of Prague and back to Paris for the end of that same weekend. The plan is to Stay in Budapest for a while then go to Vienna then to Prague then back home just in time to go back to work. In France that’s a big holiday weekend so we have some time off work. I’m so very excited! I have two friends in Vienna from Euromed so hopefully we’ll be able to meet up and they can be my translators/tour guides. Oh it’s gonna be nice to be traveling again, it’s been a while. I’ll be certain to take lots of pictures and update everyone after the trips.

Just further updates on the weather, it’s still been snowing and sticking a bit. It’s very pretty but very very cold. I think I’m actually ready for spring to come.

Other than all this not much has been going on. Went to a gala on Friday which was interesting as are most French parties. Had some trouble with a taxi driver and had my first experience with the French police. Stupid taxi driver had to play the English card with the Police, but it got all worked out in our favor so that’s good.

Well it’s been a hectic week so sorry I was absent for a while. I’ll try to stay in touch more in the future.

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