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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Till we meet again Denmark

So today I hopped on the train which took me from Copenhagen, Denmark up to Stockholm, Sweden. I spent a wonderful two full days in Copenhagen and loved every minute of it.

In my last post I wrote from the ferry/cruise which was taking me across the baltic from Oslo, Norway to Copenhagen, Denmark. I had a great time on the cruise and was fortunate enough to have the teeny tiny 4 bed room to myself. I woke up that next morning and by the time I got ready was able to deboard the boat and go out into Copenhagen.

I quickly found my hostel, which turned out to be a lot like a hotel, but wasn't able to check in for another several hours. So I dumped my luggage in the luggage room and set out to explore Copenhagen.

Knowing that I still had a lot of travelling to do on my trip I decided to take it easy on this leg so as not to wear my feet out too much. I opted to do one of the hop on hop off guided bus tours which would take me all over the city. I visited many of the sites of the city, but my 4 or 5 most things were closing down. Not sure what to do with my time I walked back over to the little mermaid statue (I had visited it earlier in the day on my bus tour) to get a better picture since before the sun had cast a horrible statue on her. I then strolled around through the town for a while before having dinner and going back to the hostel.

Upon my return to my room I met a guy who was also travelling alone and staying in my room and we decided to go sightseeing the next day together since we were both alone. So the next morning we woke up and first set out to see the palace (not the actual palace anymore, but where the royal guard is stationed with the crown jewels). After getting my view of the crown jewels we headed over to the resistance musuem which I had discovered the day before was free on wednesdays. So it was nice being able to save a little money there because Scandinavia is EXPENSIVE. We then walked around some more, had lunch and took a canal cruise. Then again things were closing down so we just went back to the hostel where I took a nap before we went out for dinner. We had a nice dinner which was recommened by a woman at the hostel before we headed back to the hostel. I was happy to have had someone to hang out with that day as I was worried I'd start getting too lonely.

The next morning, this morning, I had some time to spare before my train left and so I was able to squeeze one more museum in before my depart. I then boarded the train and 5 hours later I was in Stockholm.

On first impression I think Stockholm has a lot to offer and I can't wait to get out and start exploring it tomorrow. I'll be back in a few days with an update on Stockholm, Sweden.

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Anonymous said...

How many beds were in the hostel room? ;-)