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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ways in which I've changed over the last 6 months

  1. I’m not surprised when the key falls out of the ignition of the taxi while it’s driving. 
  2. I am surprised when there is an actual key to the taxi. 
  3. The idea of shopping makes me not want to leave the house. 
  4. I have first hand understanding of why celebrities go crazy. 
  5. Taxi rides are probably the most uncomfortable and stressful situations in my life and usually involve an argument. 
  6. I hand wash everything (floors, dishes, clothes, etc) 
  7. Bowel movements, whether it be frequency and consistency or lack thereof, is primary conversation amongst me and my friends. 
  8. I have no shame in being a member of the level 10 club. 
  9. I love the rain and all the goodness it brings despite the negatives it also brings.
  10. My usual tardiness actually makes me ridiculously early for any meeting. 
  11. I’m noticing my hygiene level becoming questionable now that it’s dry season and water is more difficult to access. 
  12. I can call someone creepy to their face and they don’t have a clue what I’m saying. I do this on about a daily basis. 
  13. I have more marriage proposals than I know what to do with. 
  14. I go to bed at 9 p.m. and sleeping till 7 a.m. is the equivalent of sleeping till noon now. 
  15. I actually eat based on what’s in season, not what I have a craving for. 
  16. I scramble to get indoors as soon as it starts getting dark. 
  17. I plan travel to smaller villages based on market days so I know I can get a car. 
  18. I consider it a good taxi ride when there isn’t a passenger sharing the seat with the driver. 
  19. I use the rain as an excuse for not doing anything.  
  20. I get called the equivalent of whitey everywhere I go. 
  21. I apparently become someone’s best friend just by walking past them on the street. 
  22. I’m shocked and confused about what’s wrong when a 15 seat bus only has 16 passengers. 
  23. If traveling means traveling within country I have no desire to actually do it. 
  24. I’m excited about the fact that hot season is so dry and so hot that your sweat evaporates immediately therefore never leaving you sweaty. 
  25. I’ve reverted back to my childhood and get super excited anytime I hear the fanmilk horn much the way I did when I heard the ice cream truck’s song.  In fact I even include the fanmilk sellers amongst my list of friends.  
  26. Every time I leave the house and leave my dog out in the yard I’m seriously worried someone is going to steal and eat him. I’ve been told this is a legitimate concern. 
  27. I'm not at all surprised to find rocks and/or bones in my food even if there is no meat in the dish. 
  28. I have the ability to both make a kid scream and cry or stop crying just by being present. 

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Anonymous said...

it's funny because in america you only talk about the weather when you really have nothing else to talk about.. but where you are it's such a big concern in terms of food and water and a legitimate topic of conversation...