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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Summer Vacay is Over

So August has officially come to an end. If I were back in Texas this would mean I would be happy to have survived yet another August in Texas and would be excited at the fact that the worst was over; in Paris this means all the French are back from their vacations and for me its back to cramming into crowded stinky metros and being shoved off sidewalks. At least it was nice while it lasted.

This also marks the first August in my life where I haven't had a whole new school year lingering in front of me. So given the fact that I was given a break from both the Texas heat and the French for the month as well as having no school to return to I'd have to vote this as one great August.


Nick N. said...

You're a "Real Girl" and now you must look forward to working for the rest of your life. Or you could always decide to go to law school.

Kristine said...

You know I have been thinking about law school lately. May have to wait a few years though so I can pay off these student loans and then start working on building them up again. Although, if I stay a student I don't have to pay off my loans just yet, hmmmm.

Mom said...