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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Bringing Halloween To France

So monday was Halloween and despite the fact that the French don't really celebrate Halloween I couldn't let another Halloween go by without celebrating. So I made myself a costume, rounded up some friends, and together we attempted to show the French what Halloween is all about. We found a few english speaking bars holding Halloween parties so off we went. Walking down the street we were about the only ones dressed up and naturally got plenty of stares. We started off at Lizard Lounge which was having a Halloween party but even there we were about the only ones dressed up. We then meandered over to another bar which turned out to be a bad idea and so we quickly left and headed to yet another bar claiming to have a halloween party. This one turned out to be fairly decent as some people were dressed up, but still not quite the type of party I was hoping for.

While the parties weren't quite what I had hoped for, I still had a good time and well just really enjoyed confusing the French since they consistently confuse me.

Below you can see me in my costume dressed as cotton candy. To my right is my friend from work, Alex, who was a party pooper and didn't dress up. To the right of Alex is another work friend, Trudi, who was a type of bat.

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dear_jamie said...

LOL. What is the deal with Lizard Lounge? They are everywhere. It used to confuse me, like it was a chain, but now I just think that is what you name your bar when you can't think of anything good to call it. I think there is probably a Lizard Lounge in every circle of Hell.

Nice cotton candy outfit by the way. I am sure even if they knew it was Halloween, they probably have no idea what cotton candy is. You stuck it to them double-time. When I saw George's picture I hadn't read the post, so I was like "Who is the creep with the bad mustache?" Glad to see you are showing the French how to live.