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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I'm Still Here!

Wow so I've really dropped off the blogging scene for quite some time now. I apologize, I guess I just got busy and just didn't have much to say.

So with today bringing in a new year I figured it to be a good time to reflect back on 2007 and share my hopes for 2008.

Well 2007 started off with me running my first marathon and moving up to Campaign Manager. The marathon went well and I became addicted. I took about 2 1/2 months off of running (only running occasionaly and small distances) and then threw myself right back in and went into training for the Nike Women's Marathon which I successfully completed in Oct. Moving up to Campaign Manager was exciting but brought on a lot more stress and consumed much more of my time.

I had started the year taking Spanish Lessons but wound up stopping those since I would be gone for most of the classes during the summer. I have yet to sign up again as I seem to be way to busy with work lately. Still on my mind to get back into that, just not sure I really liked the classes I was taking.

So aside from work and running I was fortunate enough to have a few vacations during the year. I was able to go back to Switzerland for a bit and even managed a stop off in Paris for a few days where I was able to meet up with Skye, Mia, and Trudi again. I even stopped by my old office and was able to briefly catch up with everyone back there. A lot has changed at my old company since I left, it's gotten so much bigger! I was also able to spend weekends in San Francisco, San Diego, Thanksgiving week in Chester and of course went back to Houston and South Texas a few times.

Over the summer we had our official memorial/reunion for my Grandmother. My entire mom's side of the family met up in South Texas where we all got to catch up and spent the time remembering Connie before spreading her ashes in the ocean along with Timo (my grandparents dog who also had passed). It was a sad occasion to be getting the family back together for but it was great seeing all of the family, many of which I hadn't seen in years!

While one trip back home was to mourn the passing of a loved family member I did have the joy of going back home to watch two of my friends and one family member get married and start their life together. Megan had her wedding in Houston in March and Marie and Angelica both were married in August, all were very lovely occasions.

The year ended with Christmas back in Houston, of course there was a stop over in Austin the weekend before to see lolo and linlin! It was nice being back in Houston for Christmas as it had been a while since I had spent a Christmas there and seen some of my dad's family.

New Years eve was extremely uneventful and boring which was very disappointing. I was back in LA and wound up doing nothing due to last minute cancellation due to a friend falling ill that night. I don't really care that much about NYE anymore anyway I just hope that it isn't a determinant for how 2008 will go.

Well now today is January 1 and 2008 is finally here. My hopes for the new year are to get more traveling in (hopefully a few new countries will be visited), not work as much overtime, and to get out of LA. I'd also like to get back in to taking Spanish lessons and start taking some photography lessons as well as possibly some sewing lessons. I've also recently started doing geo-caching which I'm hoping to get more into in 2008 (just need to get my own GPS). I want to continue with my running, but may not do it as hardcore. Of course I also want to work on getting more fit and eating healthier since despite the fact that I run so much I still eat like crap and thus am still a little on the chunky monkey side. I also plan to really focus on my debt and work really hard at getting that cut down as much as possible. So far it seems I should make a pretty good dent in it in the next few months as long as I can control my shopping.

So I guess I'll go ahead and wrap it up for now. I hope to not neglect this as much as I did this year and hopefully will have more fun adventures to blog about in the coming year.

I wish you all the very best for 2008!

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