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Sunday, August 24, 2008

First Half of '08

So it looks like so far for 2008 I haven't done so well in keeping up with my blog. I had high hopes at the start of the year that I'd have more free time but of course that didn't happen :(

But here I am again, ready to update you all on my recent happenings (If anyone even still checks this). So 2008 started off right with a lovely trip to Hawaii, not a new country or even state for that matter, but a fun trip none the less. Shortly after returning my life pretty much went into chaos with a bunch of changes. I decided to transfer to our company's San Francisco office and moved up to SF permanently in April. I got myself settled in and found an apartment and thew myself into setting up the SF office. I took charge of renovating the office as well as hiring on a new employee and all the while was in the middle of a promotion.

The summer has been crazy with getting settled in, hiring on, renovating the office, being promoted, and of course many trips. I traveled back home to Texas to celebrate my friend Kimberly's wedding and of course for her bachelorette party. I went to Atlanta for training and to prepare for the promotion. Labor day weekend I will travel back to Texas one more time to celebrate my dad's birthday and retirement. The best trip by far this summer though has to be my trip back to Europe! I went to visit my friend Shari in Madrid where I stayed for about a week and then headed to Paris for a quick stop over. Perhaps I'll write a blog on that trip in my usual travel blog style for old times sake!

Oh and prior to my move to SF, I ran yet another marathon (I know I might be crazy). I signed up and ran the LA Marathon and overall it was pretty crappy. Definitely not my favorite and one I would never run again. No marathons on my horizon right now, but I am trying to get back into running. I'll do a half marathon in Sacramento in October but that's all that's on my plate for now.

Let's see, so aside from all of this as I mentioned I have been promoted. I'm now a campaign team lead and for the first time am managing employees. It only just took effect so we'll see how it goes. So far though I have been having a blast working in the SF office and have made it my goal to get this office up to full speed and am really enjoying that.

Well not much else on my mind now. Just thought I'd check in again since it's been so long. I'll try to come back again soon and see what I can do on recreating my Madrid trip for you!

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