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Monday, June 14, 2010

La via Togolaise!

This will probably be a pretty quick post, but I have 15 mins. left so I'll try to do some sort of update! So I have arrived and it's been a lot going on since leaving DC. I was able to meet Nick for dinner in DC which was awesome, then the next morning we went and got our yellow fever shot then headed to the airport, the rest of the shots we would get in country. We had an 8 hour layover in Paris which became 10 hours after the delay. I was able to run into the city and meet Mia for breakfast which was also a really nice treat before my 2 year departure! After a 6 hour plane ride, we finally arrived in Lomé! 3 days in Lomé was just a lot of initial orientation trainings and shots and hanging around getting to know everyone. We weren't allowed to go anywhere alone or anywhere outside of the hostel or Peace Corps office so I didn't see much.

After Lomé we went to our training sites, health volunteers to Gbatope and business volunteers to Tsevie which is where I am currently. Everyone here has been so so so nice and they're really happy to have us. We get all the kids calling us Yovo, which basically is them calling us white person and they even have a song they sing for us while clapping and dancing, it's so cute! The kids are so excited to see us. My family here is so great and they too are so happy to have me. They do everything for me and won't let me do anything. We have electricity and even a tv, so I've been able to watch the world cup with the dad and my brothers now everyday. No running water, so for those of you wondering, I use a latrine, but a very nice latrine and I take bucket showers within a shower room which is not really that bad at all! My family boils water for me for every shower so I get warm showers which is so nice.

Must go now, but will write more when I can!


Cristina said...

Glad to hear your host family is so awesome! We miss you in SF!

michele said...

Sounds good! I can hardly wait to get started myself! I still have no idea if I'll need bathing suits or sweaters! Let me know if you want me to mail you anything.

Aunt Michele

Anonymous said...

excellent! glad that everything is off to a great start. even better that you have electricity. and you're right bucket showers really aren't bad at all. can't wait to hear more. wai-san

Anonymous said...

Sounds great Kristine. I hope you can post more soon. You'll have to teach me the Yovo song when you get back. Miss you girl! -Margo

Mom said...

Great to see you are adding to your blog again. I know everyone wants to hear what is going on with you. We miss you alot, your family there is lucky to have you!

Love you,

sacha said...

glad to hear you are ok! keep writing more, miss ya!

sacha said...

glad to hear you are ok! keep writing more, miss ya!

Karen said...

Post more updates! =) I can't wait to hear more about your experience there. Miss you!