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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Ever wanted to wash all your clothes at once?

So here’s a story I’ve wanted to tell for a while but got too busy to post on the blog.

About two weekends ago on Friday after work I walk down to a nearby pizza place and pick up some pizza for dinner. I decide to take the back way to get home which takes me past the laundry mat I use. As I’m walking by what do I see inside???

Well inside my laundry mat was an elderly naked man sitting in a chair with nothing on but a newspaper to cover his genitalia. Not only was I disgusted with the fact that he’s in my laundry mat like that sitting in a chair I’ve sat in before, but I was also extremely disturbed with the fact that there were about 4 other people inside there with him, one sitting next to him and one talking to him. Is there not something wrong with this picture? Am I the only one that finds this odd that a man is sitting naked in a laundry mat?

Anyway found the story amusing and wanted to share it with anyone who chooses to read it.


Anonymous said...

That is hysterical. I love reading about your adventures. Geneva always lets me know when you have a new one. You are a great writer. I can't wait to read the next one.

Anonymous said...

The anonymous post was from me, Sarah Musick. I will do better next time.

Kristine said...

Ah ok, I was wondering who left that comment. Great to see that you read it too; glad you're enjoying!

Diane said...

What is wrong with that. Thats what I did all the time in college. I didn't read a newspaper but usually a magazine or "homework". Good to hear I am not the only one and it's international.

I am kidding of course, I never did homework.

Mom said...

You girls are so amusing.

Diane you know you never went to a laundromat, you always brought your laundry home, and you never did homework while I washed it for you.