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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Chez Kristine

Here are some much overdue pics of my current apartment.

Here you can see my bathroom on the left and the hall that leads out to my front door on the right.

This is my infamous toilet. If you look closly on the left there you notice an outlet with a plug in it; that's right that's my toilet plugged into the wall, I have an electric toilet!

Here is my bedroom portion of the apartment. Look I finally have a real bed!

On the left is the kitchen portion of my apartment and on the right another shot of the bathroom. You can see the edge of my bed there to give you an idea of just how small my apartment actually is.

Hope you enjoyed your virtual visit of 2 Rue des Rosiers!

1 comment:

Danielle B. said...

kristine, it looks cute and pretty roomy for Paris. Your bedroom reminds me of a hotel room with the tv on the wall like that....and so what happens if you unplug the toliet won't flush?