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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Tis The Season To Be Merry!

So not wanting this to be a completely depressing Christmas I decided to go in search of christmas tree. I have always prefered real ones so that was of course my first choice and if necessary I would go in search of a fake one. Fortunately for me I found a small real christmas tree that was actually pretty cheap fairly easily. I quickly bought it and brought it home monday night. I was a little concerned about getting it in my apt since my apt is teeny tiny, but I bought the smallest one they had and took a chance. It fit perfectly! I bought some lights and ribbons and made a few ornaments with the left over felt I had from the stocking I made myself a few days ago. Then with some Christmas music on I set out to decorate my tree and hang my stocking.

I have to say I am quite pleased with how it has all turned out and while my apt isn't as festive as I normally would make it, I'm still quite happy with it. Below are some pictures of my new tree.

Here is a picture of my tree in the dark showing off her beautiful lights.

Here you can see her decorations more clearly, you can also see the stocking I made for myself just above her.

Happy Holidays everyone!

p.s. if you've sent me a christmas card it's there under the tree waiting to be opened till Christmas day. I've received a couple so if you're curious to know if I got yours just ask. And thanks to those who have sent me one, I truly appreciate it.


lori said...

How do you know that it's a female tree?

Kristine said...

Look how cute she is, how could she be anything else but a female tree?!?

Danielle said...

i love your tree...great decorating's radiant with the lights and little bows...i agree, it must be a female.

Anonymous said...

Kris--just say your w'page on the family list and had a look. Great to see all the pics. Didnt no u were back in Houston; thot you had been offered a job where u were working and you were gonna stay?? fill me in, woman! Aunt Michele